I think stand up comedians are some of the bravest people in the world. Again humor is subjective, as it differs across culture and demographics. You’ve got to keep your audience entertained all the time, with every line.

DEF JAM is one my favorites! It is intense enough (offensive and exciting), the stand ups keep it real, the jokes are relatable and are very honest with their thoughts on life. Just look at the crowd’s response man. I’d pay big money to be in there.

DEF COMEDY JAM is also a platform (literally!) for african americans and minorities speak up, represent and be heard by their community and everyone else.

They’re so good that even Obama did it Def Jam style.

Comedians, aren’t they the greatest persuaders?


The dictionary definition of euphemism is; the substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive expression for one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant. Euphemism is another way of saying it, a play on words and meaning.

Substituting words for something more pleasant is nothing out of the ordinary. I’m sure we’ve heard these before : Between jobs (Unemployed) / Pre-owned car – (used car/second-hand car / Restroom/Loo -(toilet) / To pass on – (to die) / The big C – (cancer)

Even I’m guilty of practicing political correctness. Especially at work when I wanna break it to the customer that the piece he/she is trying on might be a little too tight. I might say something like, “that looks like it’s an inapporopriate size for you” or ” you look too broad it in”.

I’ve learnt that sugar coating and being indirect saves both parties from the inconvenience of  embarrassment.

I looked it up and there are terms that we hear on a daily basis, only expressed creatively. These examples got me cracking:

Smallest room in the house – The (The lavatory)

Tired and over emotional (Drunk)

Built for comfort not speed (Fat)

Although sometimes they can be rather insensitive. And it might be more appropriate to just use the official term instead.

Friends what do you think, would you rather the slap in the face and the hard truth or that pleasing statement to your ears? Let me know so I don’t offend you 😉


I had a moment of epiphany while writing this post. Could it be that they fell in love due to the mere exposure effect after starring together in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005). Why else would any one give up America’s sweetheart

i just cannot cannot phantom why one would cheat on this:



And how bout Blair and Dan from Gossip girl. The two most unlikely couple.

As the season progressed they went from despising each other to falling in love?

Okay, it’s time for sharing! Have you met someone whom you didn’t like but after long periods of interaction he/she turned out to be a great friend.. ? How has it changed your life?

When two things appear close to one another, we will tend to evaluate them against one another more than against a fixed standard.

Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks’ stands at 5’9 (1.75m) by the NBA standards he is considered short. The average  player’s height is 2.0m. Standing next to the formidable 6’11 Dwight Howard, certainly Robison appears not as strong, athletic or impressive as the Magic star.

But wait, some of you already know he’s had a very successful college career and was the 21st pick in the 2005 NBA Draft. The Phoenix Suns also picked him up but he was soon traded to the New York Knicks. So why would two huge teams want a tiny guy like him.

Now, don’t let the perceptual contrast effect fool you. Watch his famous Kryptonate jump over Dwight Howard in 2009 below

Little but just as pretty damn good.

Also, I’m not a fan of the Lakers, but I must admit Kobe has some of the most dramatic dunks in his career.

What do you think of the two videos, after comparing them are you still fazed by the famously tall and aggressive Kobe Bryant soaring through the air or do you think the relatively smaller Knick’s player dunked better?

I sat for the longest time wondering if I should share this thought that used to bother me. Anyway there’s no turning back now.. Well, I used to sit around and mope for days trying to figure out why people didnt like me as much as I liked them until one day my brother walked in and said that people like them don’t matter. That made me feel better, but only for awhile because my biggest problem in life is my need to please. But, don’t we all just want I be liked?? 😦

Apart from my personal life I make it a point to work the L-factor as a sales person at work.

Below are ten ways to increase your likeability.

1. Go out of your way to say hello and to greet people. Ignore no one. 

2. Focus on the positive in everyone you encounter, reaffirm, and encourage them.

3. Master the art of being “YOU FOCUSED.”

4. Display class, professionalism and practice integrity at all times.

5. Say these words or phrases at least ten times a day.

6. Maintain a good sense of humor and laugh a lot.

7. Be compassionate, be considerate, and delight people when they least expect it.

8. Develop the ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

9. Give people your undivided attention, maintain eye contact and LISTEN.

10. Give everyone in life, the precious gift every human being deserves: the gift of self esteem.

Have you tried any of those techniques mentioned and how was it?

the tendency for an impression created in one area to influence opinion in another area. So positive features and personality traits ride along with the physical appearance they are blessed with.

Watch this experiment :

“we want to be near them, as if some of their glory will be reflected onto us” 

So is this why they say blondes have more fun? Because the tendency of people complying to their requests are higher. Guys, wisen up for the prettiest people do the ugliest things on the road to riches and diamond rings.

Girls, have a bit of dignity. We’re no lesser than men “weak, helpless, clueless” ? We’re not thaat dumb all the time. Hold the door for yourself cause you can, and carry your own handbag, God gave you arms! Here’s to empowerment ladies!

I’ve said this many times: Little Miss Sunshine is my favorite movie. It has gotten me through the darkest of hours. And here’s a bonus, Steve Carell’s in it!  I don’t see why anyone shouldn’t watch it!

There are so many quotes in the movie that I adore.

The family at the diner:

To me the film puts a spotlight on how the media sets our children up to be obsessed with beauty, pageants, competition and conformity to life.

My message to the audience is to break the social mould and just be you. Embrace your inner freak.

Kurt Cobain once said this, ” Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.

So tonight I’d like to ask: Do you feel stifled by the way of life in Singapore, by our culture or your race / religion? Have you found your place in this world?